Subject: The BOFH Newsgroups File

Subject: The BOFH newsgroups file...
Newsgroups: bofh.config,alt.sysadmin.recovery
From: (Peter da Silva)

The bofh.* (BOFH-net) hierarchy was created by a bunch of BOFHs on alt.sysadmin.recovery. Use of the group isn't restricted to BOFHs, and it's OK to talk about things other than luser education and quantum bogodynamics in appropriate BOFH-net groups. It's *not* OK to crosspost BOFH-net posts anywhere else, crosspost to more than 3 BOFH-net groups, or otherwise abuse the BOFH. A bot is running to enforce this, and anything the bofhbot doesn't notice will be caught by your local BOFH.

If you want something fugglier, try the Rules From Hell

What was your account-name again?

(clickety clickety click...)

bofh.answers	Yes, "rm -rf ~" is how you change your password.
bofh.bofhbof	Bastard Operator From Hell Birds Of a Feather sessions.
bofh.bofhlets	ISAGN
bofh.cabal	It was only a matter of time.
bofh.codefh	Code From Hell	Yes, "format C:" is how you install Windows.
bofh.compfh.mac	The ultimate point and drool interface.
bofh.compfh.misc	All hardware sucks.
bofh.config	Where the NAFH hangs out.
bofh.control	Where the bofh-bot hangs out...
bofh.cow-orker  Paycheck co-dependants.	Coffee, beer, breakfast cereals.
bofh.general	Where the BOFH hangs out.
bofh.jobfh.misc	Various crummy sysadminnish jobs.
bofh.jobfh.nanny 	Being forced to support lusers.
bofh.jobfh.offered	Help us LART our lusers.  We'll pay and provide the caffeine.
bofh.larts		Operant conditioning and martial arts.
bofh.leeks	Wild onions.	That one's an imagemap? Web pages from hell.
bofh.lusty-wenches	Obscure newsgroup description goes here.
bofh.magic-smoke	Making sawdust, iron filings, and magic smoke.
bofh.techno-bill	"...and with this, I can open a can of beans in a week."
bofh.mtafh.jihad	VI versus Sendmail... no, Mac versus qmail... uh...
bofh.mtafh.misc	550 postmaster... User unknown
bofh.mtafh.qmail	502 unimplemented (#5.5.1)
bofh.mtafh.sendmail	R$1<@$2>$3 $#error $@ USAGE $: "aaaaaaaaaaah"
bofh.netfh     Two tin cups and some yarn.
bofh.nice-boots	Why *do* sysadmins wear black?
bofh.osfh.misc	All software sucks.
bofh.osfh.nt	Not There.
bofh.osfh.unix	The most successful virus of all time.
bofh.osfh.vms	I don't know, it's probably an option to SET.
bofh.osfh.win95	Where the registration wizard hangs out.
bofh.questions	What is this BOFH thing anyway?	bofh.swedish.operator.bork.bork.bork
bofh.test	Hey, does this bofh-bot thing work?
bofh.ykybhtlw   YKYBHTLW you try and ROT-13 this group.
bofh.jnerm-nqzva        Tngrjnlrq sebz gur jnerm-nqzva znvyvat yvfg
bofh.vidiots	Media and media geeking.

... and other groups as the BOFHs come up with them ...

Refresher newgroups will be sent periodically to bofh.control.

To get a feed of bofh.*, contact:

	Neil Readwin <> (Jeff Uphoff) (Odd Einar Aurbakken)
	"Richard A. Muirden" <>
	"Jeffrey C. Ollie" <> (Per Persson) (Jamie Downs)
	John Henders <> (Andrew Tristan)
	Javier Henderson <> (Tomasz R. Surmacz)

I recommend starting at the bottom of the list and working up, and looking for a feed that's like in the same country as you or something. <grin>