Rules to LART by.

OK, real sound BOFHnet sites with News Admins from Hell don't need these, but if you have a nearby site with a wimpy user-friendly news admin you can LART them with these.

[The existence of these rules doesn't mean that everything not prohibited is permitted. In particular, rules-lawyering these is a great way to get yourself special treatment by the bot]

From: (J. Porter Clark)
Newsgroups: bofh.config,bofh.general
Subject: BOFHnet RulesFH
Date: 16 Aug 1997 14:16:35 -0500

Okay, here's version 1.1.  I *think* I incorporated everybody's comments. I took out the bit about bofh@site; at best it's a suggestion and not a rule. Let me know what you think...

The Official BOFHnet RulesFH

Propagation rules:

Propagate articles in bofh.* only to other BOFHnet sites.
Accept articles posted to bofh.* only from other BOFHnet sites. If this is impractical, at least do not propagate bofh.* articles received from non-BOFHnet sources to BOFHnet.
Do not propagate bofh.* articles that do not have Distribution: bofh in the header.
If a site that you feed refuses to obey the Official BOFHnet RulesFH, it is automatically no longer part of BOFHnet, and it is your responsibility to adjust propagation accordingly.

Posting rules:

Allow only BOFHs and suitably clued persons to read and post to bofh.*.
Do not crosspost among more than three bofh.* newsgroups.
Do not crosspost between bofh.* and non-bofh.* newsgroups.
Do not post a message such that followups will be to more than three groups.
Do not multi-post messages at all.
The correct dead chicken(s) must be employed on posts to bofh.*. (Note: this requirement left intentionally vague.)
Do not allow users to repost bofh.* news articles to non-bofh.* newsgroups.

Miscellaneous rules:

All BOFHnet sites must be registered by sending email to

J. Porter Clark
NASA/MSFC Flight Data Systems Branch