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It's over?

I never noticed.

For years I kept buying Cerebus. It was often the only thing that kept me reading comics at all, until one day I realised I hadn't even bothered to open the last few issues. I just quit going down to the store, because I knew there would be two, then three, then four issues of Cerebus in my subscription folder and I'd be forced to buy them, then I'd look around at the other books and maybe find something I actually wanted to read. There often was, but not often enough, and finally that wasn't enough to drive me to drive downtown. For all I know there's a couple of back issues of Cerebus sitting there waiting for me but... I don't care. I don't even feel guilty: I've bought hundreds of dollars worth of comics I don't actually want to read, just because I kept hoping that Dave Sim would wake up and realise that he had gone from writing comics to illustrating claptrap.

Not only did he end up ruining Cerebus the comic, he ruined Cerebus the character. Every bit of personal growth Cerebus achieved in the hands of the younger Sim was thrown away, not just ignored but forgotten. Maybe this was deliberate... he said Cerebus would die "alone, unmourned, and unloved", but I never dreamed that Sim meant to apply this to the comic and the writer as well as the aardvark himself.

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