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Ego references

This is a list of stuff I've written that's been archived elsewhere on the net. Stuff I particularly like.

  • How to stop viruses. (mirror) Four years later, we're no closer, and Microsoft is still concentrating on the "screaming in agony" solutions instead of taking the first basic steps like splitting the MS HTML control into multiple separate modules that don't directly interact with each other... one for rendering HTML, and one for internet access, with active content the responsibility of the calling application.
  • A spam experiment. This was in 1997. I wish it was still only this bad. (mirror)
  • Someone's quotes file. About 15% of the way down the page is this rant. It's a year and change later, and we're still using this pile of junk for our timecards. It makes Lotus Notes look good.
  • Wow. I wrote this 15 years ago. Right after the Internet Worm. (Which Internet Worm? The first one, man). As a result of this event, open disclosure mailing lists were set up, security holes in UNIX-based systems were rapidly fixed, and continue to be fixed. The descendents of MS-DOS are still shipped with no host-based protection even when (like NT) they are capable of it. And now it's Windows-based mail software that's spreading viruses and even though we know how to fix the security holes (see the first entry on this list) they're not even trying.
  • An anti-spam idea from 1995. There's a few implementations of this showing up, in various forms... six or seven years later. And it works. (original)
  • About halfway down, rant on piracy. (mirror)
  • Savor this one, I'm defending Microsoft. (wayback, mirror)
  • Why Solaris? It took about 4 years after the Alpha was EOL-ed before it ceased to be the fastest thing yo can buy. Marketing trumps technology, again. And I thought nobody could be as stupid as Commodore was when they mismarketed the Amiga into oblivion... (local copy)
  • Failed logouts on Windows NT. If anyone knows the answer to this one, let me know! Mac OS X has the same problem, too... and I'm still looking for an answer. (Ken Blair sent me a link to Admin Tip #84: Force End Task option at Shutdown mirrored)

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