"Verbogeny is one of many pleasurettes afforded a creatific thinkerizer."

Google says: Results 1 - 10 of about 2,880 for verbogeny.

All but three of which are people quoting variants of the above sentence. A piece of accidental verbogeny that I seem to have inflicted on the net. Why not document such terms as may from time to time emerge innocent and carefree from my thinkerizer?


The art, practice, process, act, or habit of coining words.

Example: Verbogeny is one of many pleasurettes afforded a creatific thinkerizer.

Associated with the moon Deimos.

Example: If you strike [the golf ball] so [it] departs the tee at circular velocity and at a tangent to the top of a perfectly level tee, then neglecting friction from the Deimean atmosphere the ball will travel in a circular orbit passing over the divot at a 1cm altitude after one orbital period.

The point of closest approach of an object orbiting the moon Deimos.

Example: If you strike [the golf ball] at greater than circular velocity, the orbit [of the ball] is an elliptical one with the perideimon 1cm above the divot.

A failed error diagnostic. (from Dan'l Oakes)

Example: We are the new mobile audio-animatrons. You will see many of us around the park. Do not be alarmed, we are perfectly programed, and nothing can go worng.

Pyrrhic Compromise
A solution to a problem that maximally pisses off all the parties involved.

Example: Intelligent design of a universe driven by natural selection! Is that a pyrrhic compromise, or what?

Update: Google finds two prior references to this phrase.

Extracting numbers from a dark place.

Example: but "random numbers" sounds so much nicer than rectally extracted data points. How about "Proctonomics"?

Non-removable battery in expensive portable electronics.

(e.g. Compaq's original iPaq PDA, Apple's iPhone, the 2009 Macbook Pro)

Example: I'm glad my original Macbook Pro didn't have an iBattery, or else it would have been trashed when the battery swelled out of its case.

When a financial website goes offline because of people frantically reloading the DJIA.

Holy cow, the DOW just went down 980 points!
I can't see it, Google Finance is DOWdotted.

A whitebread pseudonym chosen to avoid letting a restrictive social networking site such as Facebook know that you're using a pseudonym.

ad hominid
The fallacy of pretending to be human when in fact being a troll.

Example: "The thread on Israeli-Palestinian relations devolved to hundreds of ad hominid attacks, and became meaningless."

Origin: Typo by a troll attacking Lionel Lauer on Google Plus

Source: Urban Dictionary "ad hominid".

Hebsplaining (pron: əbsplaining)
By analogy with "mansplaining". White (usually) French (usually) guys (usually) explaining why Charlie Hebdo's cartoons aren't actually vile ahem-parochial-ahem attacks on dark-skinned muslims because of France's tradition of biting satire and they're supposed to be offensive, OK.

Can't you take a joke?

[Note: I shouldn't have to say this, but I totally don't approve of blowing people away just because they're ahem-parochial-ahem SOBs]

Something you take to salve remembered pain, from analgesic and nostalgia.

Example: Scotch is my favorite nostalgesic.

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